Only 12-car trains on Central Railway starting today

All trains on the Central Railway will be augmented to 12-car rakes starting today, accommodating 33 per cent more commuters. Until now, there were 56 9-car train services. After the change, all 785 main line services will become 12-car.

The first 12-car rake ran in 1986, and it took the CR nearly 10 years to run more 12-car services on the suburban section.

Meanwhile, the CR has started tying the train doors with metal chains from the inside. This is being done so as to prevent the doors from sliding shut abruptly or breaking loose and injuring commuters. The initiative comes after two people, including a child, injured their hands after a door of a CST-bound local train detached and banged against Udyan Express running on the adjacent track last Monday.

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