It's a shame the Suresh Mahindra Trophy, formerly known as the Northumberland Trophy, has in recent years degenerated in importance, and consistently failed to attract a sizeable field. On the Saturday card, there are only two runners that will face the starter for what is the longest race in the country--two miles.

It will not be much of a problem for Vivek Jain, the club's chairman who also heads its marketing team, to rope in a sponsor if the terms of the race can be changed suitably. While the tag of the country's longest race should be retained, because it has a unique appeal, this race can be changed into a terms race for horses 4 years & over, with weights based only on the age factor as well as money earned so that more horses can line up for a rich, sponsored purse. Be that as it may, Doi Moi is tipped to win the race.

The feature event, Goffs Salver for three-year-old maiden horses, is expected to be won by the Bezan Chenoy-trained Knight On who came across one better in Star Of Gibraltar when he made his debut. In fact, Knight On attracts as the day's best betting proposition.

First race at 2 pm.
Race 1: Daffodils 1, Moment To Remember 2, Saba 3.
Race 2: Final Attack 1, Arzaan 2, Prince Brajendra 3.
Race 3: Ocean Wish 1, Set Afire 2.
Race 4: Pound Foolish 1, Flying Jewel 1, Octopaul 3.
Race 5: Beyond Stars 1, Venus Rosewater 2, Forward Charge 3.
Race 6: Knight On 1, Saifeena 2, Carpe Diem 3.
Race 7: Arshavin 1, Atlantic Star 2, Banana Boy 3.
Race 8: Doi Moi 1.

Best bet: Knight On (6-4)
Good bet: Daffodils (1-6)
Chance bet: Arshavin (7-4)
Upset: Daughterofdestiny (4-10)

Today's pools
Super jackpot pool: 2,3,4,5,6,7
Jackpot pool: 3,4,5,6,7
Treble pool: I - 2,3,4; II - 5,6,7
Tanala pool: All except the 8th race.