Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today committed a faux pas when he apparently referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as "opposition leader".

"An opposition leader says nothing happened in the last 60 years. Their thinking is that only one man can take the country forward.

Rahul Gandhi

"This thinking raises a question mark on Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Nehru. It not only raises a question mark on them (about what they did for the country), but also you (the people) and your forefathers," Rahul said addressing his maiden campaign rally for the October 15 Maharashtra Assembly poll.

"It is you, your sweat and blood that has brought the country where it is today," the Congress leader said.

Modi has been targeting Congress at his poll rallies, saying, "Those who ruled the country for 60 years are seeking account of what I did in 60 days. Have they given the account of what they did in 60 years?"