Opinion poll: Which of these tasks should new BMC chief Ajoy Mehta take up as a priority

Apr 28, 2015, 15:49 IST | A correspondent

We asked our readers on Twitter what they think should the new BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) chief Ajoy Mehta focus on. Twitterati have given a list of suggestions for the BMC chief to act upon.

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NK @NaraayanKannan has a list of suggestions for the newly appointed BMC chief that starts from his own office. NK hopes that the 'no-nonsense' chief will deter BMC employees from chewing tobacco along with cleaning offices and hoping that employees will be approachable.

For senior citizens, a provision of single window clearance centers should be provided for documentation.

For the city, NK feels hawkers should be banned from sidewalks and people jaywalking on the roads should be fined. Clean Mumbai is also one of the priority and according to him, the city should have better waste management system. The cleanliness department should focus on segregation of dry and wet waste. Strict ban on spitting and make it a punishable crime and displacing people off pavements should also be a priority.

Ravindra @ravirao83 emphasises on the need for clean and safe footpaths to walk on as pedestrians compete for space with motorists on roads in many areas.

Whispering Shadow @Iyersim wants a clean city. Plastic bags, open gutters and filthy road should be done away with.

Shobhit Todi @shobhit_todi When it comes to footpath, Shobhit Todi feels that BMC can have a system like NYC where it is the duty of owners to maintain pre-marked footpath in front of their property

Mahesh Bhatia @bmahesh68 feels that the pedestrians also compete for space with Hawkers & Shoppers.

AD @anaggh wants Mehta to join Twitter and be accessible so that BMC can start mapping problems that are reported on the social networking site and work on those lines immediately.

Rubrix Ed Foundation @sitagiri is worried about drains and wants a better garbage disposal system and that it should be done at the earliest as there is only a month remaining for the monsoon.

Sachindada S Sakpal wants the BMC to clear illegal encroachments as they he feels they are the reason for electricity and water theft causing burden on tax payers and they are a hub for crimes and antisocial elements.

Neeta Kolhatkar @neetakolhatkar believes that Mr Mehta is best officer for our dear city.

We hope you are listening, Mr Mehta.

Know your BMC Chief

Senior IAS officer Ajoy Mehta today took charge as the new Commissioner of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), replacing Sitaram Kunte, whose term was to end on April 30. An IAS officer of the 1985 batch, Kunte had faced flak over the controversial Draft Development Plan for Mumbai which was eventually scrapped by the state government.

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