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As more and more people are upgrading to air travel, a report has found that over 45 percent flyers sometimes prefer to carry home cooked food on the flight. "Over 45 percent prefer to sometimes carry home cooked food on the flight," according to 'India Travel Report- 2017' by MakeMyTrip. Further, it found that 42 percent people do not prefer to pay and avail eatables on flights while travelling through a low-cost carrier (LCC).

About 85 percent travellers find eatables sold on board expensive or very expensive, it added. Even at the airports, 45 percent travellers do not find the quality of eatables to be good and 88 percent believe the prices are high or very expensive, it said. 'India Travel Report- 2017' is based on bookings made from January-August 2017, compared with January-December 2016.

About 44 percent flyers enjoy the view outside the window, sleeping (43 percent) and listening to music (42 percent) as the favourite pass times on board a flight, it
revealed. It also found that 35 percent travellers do not wait for the captain or the crew's instruction to switch on their mobile phones upon landing. The report said, 56 percent flyers prefer to carry their air tickets in digital format, while 40 print and carry the boarding passes.

About 36 percent flyers have used the self-check-in kiosk at the airports, it added. The report has revealed that 77 percent mostly reach the airport more than 30 minutes in advance. Upon reaching the airport early, browsing the internet (46 percent) and talking to friends or family on mobile (39 percent) is the usual activity to pass time, it said. Most passengers prefer the window seat (46 percent) followed by aisle seat (19 percent) and 17 percent of the travellers are indifferent to seat types, it said.

Meanwhile, it found that about 28 per cent travellers have carried an overweight hand baggage to avoid paying for extra weight, it said. Interesting, the report also found that 31 percent travellers are not aware of the fragile tag used for the check-in luggage and 62 per cent have never used it.