Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar informs Mumbai police about unsavoury tweet

Renowned columnist from Pakistan, Mehr Tarar, is now one of the most well known faces to be seen tweeting to the Mumbai Police’s handle.

And when it concerns the police, it cannot be too good a news. Tarar was seen tweeting on Sunday evening about a man tweeting @Ganeshnoa (Ganesh Aiyer) who threatened that many Indians were waiting to rape Mehr in India.

‘Mehr never dre 2 come India. Aftr ur dirty statement, thre r many Hindus eagerly waiting to rape U’ read his tweet. The tweet which also tagged Rajdeep Sardesai & Tarek Fatah, was sent on 8.48 pm on January 17.

Mehr Tarar (Pic courtesy Mehr Tarar's Twitter account)

While he deleted the tweet on being being tagged with Mumbai Police as well as Mehr by another user Rohan Kadam, Mehr was quick on adding that though the tweet was deleted, the screenshot still remained. She shared the screenshot of the tweet with Mumbai Police too.

This tweet created an uproar on twitter including comments from many people from India as well as Pakistan condemning the tweet. The Mumbai police responded to the Pak columnists ordeal claiming that they had forwarded the message to the concerned authority.

In response to the Mumbai police’s response Meher, who was once in news for her links with Shashi Tharoor, thanked the cops for their timely response.



  • Lakshmi18-Jan-2016

    First of all this is not only disgusting and uttely distasteful, very disturbing tweet by the Aiyer guy. By using the word Hindus in his tweet he is somehow indicating that all / many Hindus are rapists; if the country keeps quiet they do prove him right? I know that’s not the truth. By similar token, don’t bunch all Muslims also into one group of religious nuts.

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