Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday hailed the outcome of a high-level probe that declared the 2013 election as free and fair and expressed hoped that his rivals would avoid negative politics in future.

The probe was launched in April when government and opposition Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) of Imran Khan struck a deal for independent investigations following violent protests over alleged fraud in the elections that Sharif had won.

The three judges team led by chief justice Nasirul Mulk completed their probe earlier this month but sent the report to the government last night to release it. Sharif while addressing the nation on television and radio, "The commission concluded that despite some procedural irregularities, the overall results of the elections were fair and just."

"I had given a commitment that in case the rigging was proved, we will go the people to seek fresh mandate," he said. Sharif said that he was sure that elections were fair and the report by the probe commission had vindicated him.

"Inquiry commission's comprehensive report does not only reaffirm our stance but also the mandate of Pakistani people," he said, adding the chapter of allegations should be closed after the report.

"Now that the respected inquiry commission has confirmed the transparency of the 2013 polls, the door of allegations and accusations should be closed forever," he said.

He said the problems cannot be solved on the roads but in the parliament which is representative of the people. He expressed the hope that those who wasted precious time of the nation would also learn the lesson and desist from negative politics.

He warned of instability and said that political uncertainty takes a lot of toll from the nation. Meanwhile, Imran Khan refused to comment on the report but said that he would accept the findings of the report.

He said he will give his reaction over the report after reading it.