Pakistan hits back at Taliban school attackers with emotional song

Islamabad: Pakistan's military has hit back at the Taliban militants, who massacred children at an army-run school at Peshawar, with a moving message from a child to extremists that they cannot frighten them.

The song surfaced around the completion of nearly one month of Pakistan's worst terror attack that claimed 150 lives - 136 of whom were children - after the Taliban massacred students in cold blood last month.

The video has already garnered over 8,000 views. The lyrics make the listeners emotional and go on as follows: "Main aisi qoum se hoon jis kay woh bachchon se darta hai... Bara dushman bana phirta hai jo bachchon se larta hai (I am from a nation whose children frighten him... He walks around as a huge enemy, he who targets children)."

The song, released by the media-wing of Pakistan's military this week, first appeared on social media and has been later picked up by major TV channels that have been playing it repeatedly.

It has been sung in a young child's voice and conveys a message of conviction and resilience from a student to extremists in response to the massacre that militants cannot frighten them from going to schools anymore.

The over three-and-a-half minute long video shows the determined faces of children singing and holding posters that display slogans of conviction and solidarity and ends with showing a principal welcoming the students back to school.



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