Islamabad: An 18-year-old school teacher in Pakistan’s Punjab province died of burn injuries after she was set on fire for refusing a marriage proposal, police said on Thursday.

Maria Abbasi
Maria Abbasi

The perpetrators beat Maria Abbasi, then set her ablaze before leaving her for dead on Monday night, her family members said.

“Maria was at her home in Murree town baby-sitting her five-year-old sister while her family had gone to attend a funeral in a nearby town,” said Rafaqat Abbasi, her uncle.

“At the funeral, her family was alerted that she ‘was on fire’. When they returned home, they saw Maria lying on the floor, with 85 per cent of her body burnt,” the uncle said. Maria was taken to a hospital, where she died on Wednesday. Three people were later arrested on in the case.

76 The number of cases of women being set on fire the Pak police formally investigated in 2015