Parties hold up candidate lists to thwart poaching

Jan 31, 2012, 07:31 IST | Priyankka Deshpande
MNS, BJP and Congress employ delaying tactics to kill possibility of dissidents joining rival parties; NCP crouches down to poach disgruntled leaders from other outfits in civic elections

In a bid to kill the possibility of dissident ticket hopefuls joining a rival party and contesting civic elections against the parent outfit, the MNS, the BJP and the Congress have declared their candidate lists only partially. 
When all major political parties are trying to thwart poaching of dissidents by embarking on the delaying tactics, parties like the NCP, which is yet to announce its list, are waiting to "poach the betrayed candidates" from the rival parties. 

Poll dance: BJP leader Gopinath Munde, Shiv Sena president Uddhav 
Thackeray and RPI head Ramdas Athawale at a Mahayuti rally. While 
the BJP and the Sena have got 89 and 63 seats, respectively, the alliance 
is yet to finalise the number of seats to be given to the RPI. File pic

So far the BJP has announced names of 46 candidates, while the MNS and the Congress have declared names of 138 and 38, respectively. "In the previous civic elections, the NCP declared their candidates at the eleventh hour only to poach dissident leaders from other political parties. Then they were granted NCP tickets and most of these turncoats emerged victorious," said political expert Nitin Birmal. 

NCP city chief Ankush Kakade said, "We do not fear a rebellion from our party rank and file. We are actually waiting to poach candidates from other political parties." According to the political expert, a new trend has emerged in the political circles in which some leaders make special friends in rival parties also and convince them to field a weaker candidate to increase the winning possibility of their own contestant. "To avoid this nexus, political parties often delay announcement of candidature," said Birmal. 

Political analyst Prakash Pawar said, "Most political parties have already decided on deserving candidates, but they are delaying the process of announcement till the last date so that the aspiring candidates could not approach other parties. The parties employ the delaying tactics only to kill the possibility of a dissident ticket hopeful joining a rival party and running for polls against their candidate."

Figures so far
The number of candidates announced by the MNS. The party has kept the names of 14 candidates on hold
The number of candidates announced by the BJP so far. The party has got 89 seats as part of the seat-sharing arrangement of the Mahayuti
The number of candidates declared by the Congress so far 

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