Passengers are fined, but railway staff have special permission to cross tracks

Oct 01, 2014, 04:09 IST | Anuj Ismail

The Pune railway division has held a special drive against trespassers who cross the railway tracks. However when it comes to their own staff, they don’t take action, as the railway authorities claim that the points men, ticket collectors and the public relations officer (PRO) have special permission to cross the railway tracks.

Rules and regulations about crossing railway tracks are only meant for passengers who purchase tickets.
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This indicates that rules and regulations about crossing railway tracks are only meant for passengers who purchase tickets and end up paying the fine as well. But when it comes to the railway staff, neither is action taken, nor any warning given for the same.

Yogendra Kumar Singh, PRO, Pune railway division, said, “In the last nine months from January 1 to September 29, a total of 4,620 trespassers were caught and a total of Rs 4,62,000 in fines collected from them. As for staff, less than one per cent of them cross the railway tracks.”

“The ticket checkers, points men and PRO have special permission to cross the railway track, it is impossible for the points men to take the foot over bridge for all the 160 trains that cross Pune railway station,” he added.

“The drive has made a huge impact, due to which the number of deaths on railway tracks in Pune railway division have come down by 60 per cent. In order to stop people from crossing the railway tracks, we have installed iron fencing in the open area,” Singh said.

The Pune Government Railway police (GRP), claim that the number of deaths have indeed gone down by a huge margin. Abhay Parmar PI railway GRP, said, “Every year more than 700 people are killed while crossing the railway tracks, however the number of people killed this year has gone down to 390. It is important for people to understand that they should not cross the railway tracks.”

The rule

As per Section 147 of the Indian Railway Act, if any person enters any part of the railway property without lawful authority, he can be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or can be fined up to R1,000, or both.

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