A man and his elder son crashed to their deaths while flying together in an air race, as the younger son heard them in their last moments while flying another plane in the same competition, the Daily Mail reported.

Michael Willis and son James, 43, from Stanmore, north-west London, were racing to the Isle of Wight when they collided with another aircraft and crashed to the ground, the Daily Mail reported.

The younger son heard heard his father shouting "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday" just moments before the 73-year-old and his elder son crashed to their deaths, an inquest heard.

A wing of their Mooney M20B plane was ripped off in the collision as planes clustered in the last mile of the race.

Jonathan Willis, 39, Michael's younger son, was another contestant and heard the chilling message come over the radio as the Mooney plummeted.

He told the inquest that he watched the crash scene and finished the race before circling desperately overhead looking for any clue to the fate of his father and brother.