Pippa gives tips for Valentine's Day

Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton's sister, has published a guide on how to 'share the love' on Valentine's Day.

Faced with spending Valentine's Day alone, after reportedly splitting up with her long-term boyfriend, Alex Loudon, Pippa has come up with a seductive plan to "spread the love".

The Duchess of Cambridge's sister has used the website that she edits to suggest ways in which Valentine's Day can be transformed from a day for couples into a festival for groups of pals.

"Throw a Valentine-themed party for a few friends," says one of the tips for a perfect night.

"Hang some heart decorations around the room for extra kitsch-factor and drink sparkling wine or specially mixed Valentine's cocktails from hot pink glasses."

Pippa courted Loudon, a former England cricket hopeful, for 18 months, but the couple were said to have split up last November after a series of rows.

"How about dipping marshmallows and fruit skewers of banana, grapes and strawberries into a molten chocolate fountain," adds the website. "Everyone can join inĀ -- just make sure you have napkins at the ready as things may get messy." Who could resist?

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