PMC collects over Rs 300 cr in property tax in 80 days

The civic body had encouraged people to pay their property tax before May 31 to avail of a concession. As many as 3.47 lakh people paid their tax before May 31, while 30,000 did so between May 31 and June 19.

Incentive works

Deputy Municipal Comm-issioner of A & C Taxes, Vilas Kanade, said the concession system started three years ago was proving to be quite successful and the number of persons coming forward to pay their property tax has been increasing every year.

The amount collected this year has exceeded last year’s collection by Rs 51 crore. Kanade appealed to those who have not paid their tax yet, to do so before June 30 or be penalized two per cent extra on their original tax amount.  

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