The police chief of Gurgaon Friday hit out at organisers of rock band Metallica's concert here, saying they should have told the administration about postponing the show.

"They have to explain why they cancelled it," Police Commissioner S.S. Deshwal told reporters, soon after it was announced that the concert would be held Saturday instead of Friday due to technical reasons.

"They have not told anything to us," he said. 

But he maintained that people who came for the event were dispersing calmly and that "everything was under control".

"The organisers have to say why they cancelled (the show). They have to explain. They have cancelled it without taking the district administration into confidence."

Deshwal said fans "will certainly get angry".

People at the Leisure Valley venue said the show was cancelled due to chaotic conditions there.

Metallica is in the country to perform as a part of F1 Rocks and is scheduled to perform in Bangalore on Sunday.