Poolside party ends in drowning

Sep 05, 2011, 07:00 IST | Akshata Shetty

20-something reveller Siddharth Agarwal found dead in swimming pool after hour-long search at high-profile party venue, where eyewitnesses said lifeguards were absent when tragedy occurred

While everyone let their hair down at the After Eight presents Miami Grind 2.0 Pyramid Poolside, nobody thought it would be the last party for Siddharth Agarwal, who was found dead in the swimming pool after an hour-long search. 

It happened here: Revellers at last month's Miami Grind Part 1 hosted
at the Pyramid Poolside, the same venue where the tragedy occurred
yesterday at the Miami Grind 2.0

Agarwal, who was in his early twenties, was found in the pool after his friend complained of his absence. An eyewitness at the party on condition of anonymity said, "There was a lot of chaos and we didn't realise what exactly was happening.

People were frantically searching for a boy, but the management said that such things were common in parties. Ultimately, a few people got into the pool in search of the missing boy and found him in the corner of the pool." The witness added that "The place was packed with youngsters and it's sad that they can't handle themselves at such parties."

Another witness at the venue said the lifeguards had left early and the man who was brought out of the pool was given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but it did not work. Contrary to the witnesses, sources at the venue said that the boy was rushed to the hospital after he vomited. With no medical aid at the venue, the man was rushed to the hospital by his friends.

Explaining his condition, Dr Ganesh Bhudhwant, CMO, Inlak and Budhrani Hospital, Koregaon Park, said, "We have admitted a boy named Siddharth Agarwal, but there was no cardiac activity when he was brought to the hospital around 8.20pm.

We admitted him and gave him CPR but he didn't respond." An organiser from After 8 who did not give his name said, "I don't know anything and can't say anything right now. His friends arranged to take him to hospital. I don't know where they are." At the Mundhwa police station, Police Inspector Devidas Patil said his station was not informed about the incident, while officials at Bundgarden police station also said the same.

About the party
Number of people at party: About 200
Rate of tickets: Rs 1,000 for a couple
Earlier party: The first edition of the After 8 event organised Miami Grind pool party took place last month and was a huge hit among party-goers. The event was held at the Pyramid Poolside between 3 pm and 10 pm.

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