Potter turns daddy

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After delivering eight mega hits with the Harry Potter series, Daniel Radcliffe is ready for an image makeover. And this time he will no longer play a teen hero, but a young daddy in an upcoming horror film. He talks to CS about life after Harry Potter:   

Growing up 
For the first time, I am playing some one older then my actual age, I am playing a father. This was a huge transformation from being Harry Potter. The whole experience has been very exciting for me. The only similarity between all the characters I have played until date is that they all have been thrill oriented. Playing a character that is older then my actual age after doing a series of Harry Potter films where the target audience is kids, is a great change. It gives a different dimension to my career. This move is my conscious decision to change the kind of roles I will be offered. I am very well aware that somehow after Potter, I do not fit those complete commercial films category. So, I guess most of my films will be rather off beat. 

Changing room
I was so much in sync with the character of Harry Potter, that a change was necessary. The feel of a different backdrop and clothes was wonderful. Considering the huge success of the Harry Potter series, that image of mine will remain with me for some more years now. But slowly I am sure the impact of it will fade away. Now I have to prove to people that I'm serious about acting as a career. I think the way to do that is to start selecting some interesting roles and take a few risks. That's how I plan prove to people that I am prepared to take slightly more extreme steps than perhaps most actors would. 

Life after Harry
I take life easy and after Harry Potter, I am not in a hurry to achieve too many things. I am not scared about 'what next,' rather I am enjoying acting on stage and doing films. Theatre is something that I will quietly continue doing for the rest of my life. 

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