Around 250 trainee cadets at National Defence Academy (NDA), Khadakwasala in Pune were rushed to hospital on Thursday afternoon after the cadets started vomiting after lunch.

NDA Public relation officer has confirmed that it is a case of indigestion.

On Thursday, about 700 trainee cadets were seen vomiting and complaining about loose motion. They were immediately rushed to Military hospital in Khadakwasla. While some cadets were rushed to Military Hospital in Khadki ambulances, truck, others were rushed on two-wheelers as there were less number of vans as compared to casualties.

NDA Public relation officer statement issued a statement saying, "A case of severe indigestion was reported by about 250 cadets on September 10, 2015 after having their breakfast and lunch in the Cadets Mess at NDA. All the cadets who were reported in Khadakwasla hospital were given prompt medical attention and they have been discharged from the hospital. The cadets have also resumed their training activities. A probe has been ordered to ascertain the cause of indigestion among the cadets."

A source at NDA who spoke to mid-day on condition of anonymity said, "As usual the cadets were given breakfast and lunch. We noticed the indigestion started after the cadets had egg curry on Thursday. The cadets who did not have egg curry are unaffected. The food samples have been collected from the mess and sent to labotarary."

He added, "On Thursday night we provided light meal to cadets in order to take precautionary measures and also on Friday the cadets were given fruits. But the classes are on as per the schedule."