Pune joins hands with San Jose to promote sustainable development

Elaborating about the partnership, Bankar said, “The MOU had covered many technical issues, but my efforts are to enforce it for our present out-of-control vehicular traffic system and to improve the existing solid waste management.”

Bankar and eight other elected representatives returned from California on December 4. Speaking about the roles and responsibilities of both the cities, Bankar said, “We are sharing environmental designs useful for energy and water supply, and improving the quality of life. We will also adopt policies relevant to urban sustainability issues.”

In the MOU, San Jose and Pune will explore ideas to promote cooperation in the areas of energy and environmental conservation. “We appreciated an idea of painting the terraces of the city’s buildings white, to reduce the temperature inside in the present scenario of global warming.

Another idea proposed was the usage of energy saving LED lamps, which we had already installed at Kothrud and Hadapsar suburban areas,” Bankar said. 

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