Pune man creates 'special' watch to keep track of children

Concerned about increasing incidents of child abuse and woman safety issues, this Pune boy, now in Australia has made a watch via GPS tracking system to keep an eye on child which can also help in safety of women.

Dhiraj Nighute (30), a resident of Pimpri has done his bachlore degree in Electronic engineering from Hadapsar's engineering college called 'PDEA college of Engineering'. He later went to Austrialia to study masters in Micro Electrical engineering in 2010. from Swinburne University, Australia. Dhiraj has now founded VIVA GPS tracking system.

In 2013-14 when atrocities against children and women were increasing, Dhiraj became worried about India's reputation and also concerned about their safety. He gathered statistics and worked on it which gave birth to a software called 'The KidCare GPS' tracker wrist watch.

Dhiraj said, "The KidCare GPS Tracker watch has been designed keeping in mind that it serves multiple purposes for the kids and and parents. KidCare GPS Tracker watch tracks your children, sets alarm, anti drop-off alarm, emergency call and lot more. The GPS Tracker watch is also equipped with SOS calling feature, health tracking system, charging port, low battery alarm, voice intercom, remote switch off etc. Parents can configure the features and settings of the watch in the mobile app according to their preferences. Our technology will assist in the protection of children and allow parents to track their child's activity and movements, monitor health in real time. I believe this GPS tracking system will really help to reduce theseproblems from our society."

He said, "I have approached various schools in Australia and one autism school has approved it. In few months I will be coming to India and will be visiting various schools to kickstart and use it."

Rahul Kher a techie from Pimpri said, "My wife and I work and daily when we read about child abuse, we get worried. From past one week, we are using this device where we can see and monitor our daughter's movement. All we have to do is make her wear the watch."

Andrei Ratiu, Australia said, "This VIVA GPS tracker watch really helps my daughter to develop her self confidence. With the help VIVA gps tracker watch she feels completely safe and secure."

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