Pune techie's OP Rasila Raju's family receives Rs 1.2 crore compensation

Rasila Raju
Rasila Raju

Even though money can never compensate the loss of Pune techie Rasila Raju for her family, the Rs 1.2 crore payout from Infosys came as a big relief. It also gave them assurance of a job to Rasila’s brother, Lajin Kumar (29).

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Infosys corporate head Jintendra Dagha and company official Bhushan Gosawi gave the cheques to the family at the Malayalam Federation office last evening. The amount will be divided - Rs 50 lakh for Lajin and the other half for Rasila’s father, Raju OP.

Apart from this, a Provident Fund cheque of Rs 18,600, gratuity of Rs 5,094 and Rs 10 lakh as ICICI Lombard salary insurance were handed over. Another cheque of Rs 8.8 lakh, issued under the Employee’s Compensation Act, will be handed over soon. An Infosys official said that Rasila’s salary for 29 days would also be credited to her account.

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Raju OP said, “I don’t want a job in the company for my son. I have already lost my daughter and don’t want Lajin to suffer.”

Lajin added, “What will I do with the money if I cannot get my sister back? We may also start a trust, but are yet to take a call on it.”

  • Ramakantha Rao18-Feb-2017

    No amount will compensate loss of life. Punish the boss who called the girl for work on Sunday.

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