Kuala Lumpur: Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised that he will ensure the investigation team can get to the crash site of MH17 plane, as well as the members' safety, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Friday.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin. File pic

Razak stressed that Malaysian investigation team must get to the crash site of the MH17, Xinhua reported.

The Malaysian prime minister later told media that he gave three proposals to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon -- First, all related parties should ensure the safety of the investigation team during their mission; secondly, all parties should not disturb and contaminate the evidence of the crash site; thirdly, once there is verification the MH17 was shot down, the responsible people should be brought to justice.

However, the Malaysian prime minister said they would not accuse anybody before the verification. Meanwhile, Putin said the investigation should be carried out objectively and reiterated Russia did not shoot down MH17.