3 questions with Susmit Sen

In the city for the launch of his debut solo album, Indian Ocean's Susmit Sen talks to The GUIDE about his decision to not have more than two lines of lyrics in the seven-track album and why one must live life on one's own terms

Acoustic guitarist and founder member of the country's premier fusion rock band, Indian Ocean, Susmit Sen says that the idea to go solo first came to him a decade ago.

Pic Courtesy/Amit Pasricha

His debut solo album features certain tracks that the musician had written 28 to 30 years ago, even before the formation of the band.
The album, he says, is a reflection of his belief that one need not have words to express emotion. We caught up with the acclaimed musician, who tells us why anyone who tries to explain his or her sound is lying.

How best would you like to describe your sound?
If anybody tries to explain their sound through words, they lie. Why would I choose to compose music, if I could just speak, instead!

What's the best and worst part of collaborating with other artistes?
I have collaborated with around 15 musicians over the past 25 to 30 years. I have loved all the collaborations that I have been in. I have worked with some of the most amazing musicians, but what's more is that they are amazing human beings. If I didn't enjoy collaborations, I wouldn't
engage with them.

Any advice you'd like to share with fans and / or aspiring artistes?
Do what you want to do and not what society asks of you. Because that is what will make you most happy it's one of the ways that lead to happiness.

Depths of the Ocean, Susmit Sen, Rs 350. Available at leading music stores.

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