Raaz ki baat

Nov 29, 2011, 08:29 IST | Special Features
Today Sonam Kapoor may be known as the fashionista of Bollywood, but the lady didn't always have an affinity to Valentino or Dior.

The leggy actress started taking care of her looks only after getting into college. She tells CS, "As a kid, I was a total Tomboy growing up with six brothers.

But as I became a teenager, I noticed that guys used to check me out. It was only then that I started looking after myself and caring about my looks.

I don't consider myself a big fashionista or style diva, but I do find it very flattering when people say that I can carry off any outfit with ´┐Żlan (smiles)." Well Sonam, your current fans should thank your teenage admirers for your metamorphosis!

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