RaGa's hacked Twitter a/c chirps out *@%# tweets


In the world of Twitter, no one is spared—not even Congress Vice President Gandhi — who, till now, has been the favourite subject of various memes across the Internet.

Around 8.40 pm yesterday, his official Twitter handle (@OfficeofRG) was hacked, with the result being a series of offensive tweets being published from his account. In all, there were 22 between 8.38 pm and 9.22 pm.


How it started
The first tweet reading “I am a gay m*****f****** faggot,” came as quite a shock when it showed up on his followers Twitter feed. Here on, tweets kept appearing at regular intervals of 5-7 minutes.

The least offensive of the whole lot was that he loved looting the common people.

The username was changed to ‘Office of Retard Gan.’ His profile picture was also removed and the URL on which one could reach
him became “retardcorpic.in.”

Damage control
Within minutes of the first tweet being published, Congress members started tweeting about the hack being a move of the opposition, calling it “lowly tactics”. As the offensive tweets kept being deleted, fresh ones kept appearing. Finally, by 9.40 pm, the profile seemed to return to normalcy. All tweets until November 27 from RG’s account were deleted as well.

“Such lowly tactics will neither drown the sane voice of reason nor deter Rahul Gandhi from raising people’s issues,” Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said. 

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