Rahul Gandhi shown black flags during his visit to Amethi

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supporters on Wednesday showed black flags to Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who was visiting his Amethi constituency

Amethi: AAP supporters, mainly residents of Amethi, shouted anti-Rahul Gandhi slogans and waved black flags condemning his arrival in Amethi.

Rahul Gandhi presides over a party meet at New Delhi. Pic: AFP

The agitated protesters cited underdevelopment issue as the main reason for fury against Gandhi. “They haven’t done anything in the name of development. You must have seen the condition of roads and electricity.

There is nothing in the name of education. We are just being bluffed for political gains,” said Shyamlal, an AAP supporter.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi praised party’s hard work in Amethi and said, “We have a lot of development work here.

We are putting our best efforts in every area, whether it is medical, health, national highways, employment, petroleum institute.

This is our home, family.” AAP leader Kumar Vishwas is planning to contest elections from Amethi constituency, which has been a Congress stronghold in the past and from where the Rahul would be contesting.

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  • Rajneesh Mehta23-Jan-2014

    First AAP were protesting against the law and now they are protesting against Rahul Gandhi. Showing black flags is what AAP is capable of. They can not run the govt.

  • Karan Dhaka23-Jan-2014

    It is childish. Grow up AAP. Pointing fingers at other parties is easy and doing some real progressive work is something which AAP can not do.

  • Rajneesh Mehta23-Jan-2014

    If we look at the statistics of development., under UPA's tenure, Growth has averaged 8% per year over 9 years. The poverty ratio has fallen dramatically and 140 million Indians are no longer living in extreme poverty. So for what AAP is showing black flags? For the developments done by Congress?!

  • aditi23-Jan-2014

    Rahul Gandhi always seen as the ray of hope for the Amethi people, he did a lot for the people of Amethi. But some paid peoples from different party disobeying him.

  • Yogita Anand23-Jan-2014

    So AAP is pointing fingers at Congress, the strongest political party which supported AAP in forming the govt. in Delhi. What is this?! Rather AAP should do some extensive work with Congress.

  • Rajat Shukla23-Jan-2014

    “Rahul Gandhi has been a great inspiration for the youth of our country.” Still "Rahul gandhi is the person who stood for crearting the group and uplfting UPA from roots. He has been migrating from states to states to know about problems of people. Such are the qualities of leader.".

  • jatin23-Jan-2014

    Kumar might have done the brain wash of a common man but what Congress did for Amethi is development of society they took out many reforms and policies for the development of the Amethi after all its Gandhi's place...

  • jatin23-Jan-2014

    the development Congress did to build Amethi is extra ordinary. Being a Gandhi city people fingering out on them is totally a brain wash activity done by viswas and the people doing it are of AAP so to rebel against him was mandatory. but being a genuine Leader RG came up with the solutions and the problem facing will to the people of Amethi...

  • Abhishek Singh23-Jan-2014

    Rahul Gandhi always seen as the ray of hope for the Amethi people, he did a lot for the people of Amethi. But some paid peoples from different party dis obeying him.

  • Monalisa Khanam23-Jan-2014

    Massive work on national high way done under Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, Amethi is now connect with all transport mode to whole India. This is called the real development but some paid people showing black flags, they have to be same on themselves.

  • Shubhan Singh23-Jan-2014

    young rahul gandhi is moving towards become india's prime minister one day, because of his increasing leadership qualities as indicated. pandit jawharlal nehru had to go through such incidents and insults before becoming india's true leader.

  • Mayur27-Jan-2014

    Modi rules !! , He is the one India needs the most ,

  • Mayur27-Jan-2014

    lol , some people prasing development of amethi , when they themself dont know where amethi is?

  • AS24-Feb-2014

    What's with all the Congress trolls? Are they NREGA sponsored? I am not personally familiar with Amethi but it doesn't surprise me that Rahul Gandhi (aka Pappu) has ignored it. Where is the time when you have more important priorities, like taking expensive international vacations and helping your sister and brother-in-law with their land scams? In another article he acknowledges the poor roads and electricity - but blames it all on the state government!! LOL, that's leadership right there.

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