With fireman Nitin Ivalekar losing his life in the recent fire that broke out in Andheri’s Lotus Business Park, the occupants of the building, including filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, now wish to do their bit for Ivalekar’s family.

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They will be giving his family compensation to the tune of Rs 15 lakh. Roshan, who owns five floors in the building, confirms the story.

Rakesh Roshan and Fireman Nitin Ivalekar
Rakesh Roshan and Fireman Nitin Ivalekar

He says, “At a meeting held on Saturday, it was decided by all members that we would reach out to the family of this brave fireman. We will soon hand over a cheque of Rs 15 lakh to his family.”

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Roshan says that the building was well-equipped with safety measures and that Friday’s fire was an unfortunate incident. It may be pointed out the fire gutted the 22nd floor of the building and it remains sealed. It is being said that it will be ready for operation only after a few weeks.

Pooja Shetty, who owns runs a production house on the ninth floor of the building, says, “It will be a while before we return to our offices. In the interim period, we will have to make other arrangements — we have been working at our friends’ places.”

Meanwhile, the wife of the deceased fireman reportedly wants the authorities to assure her in writing that the education of her children will be taken care of by them.