Chennai: A severely injured and now rehabilitated rare white crow in the zoo here is attracting good crowd.

"The white crow had severe injuries including bites after infighting. It was rehabilitated in 15 days and was put on display yesterday," Dr Thirumurugan, veterinarian, Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur said.

Stating that a white crow was very rare, he said the condition was due to lack of melanin, a pigment that provides natural colour, black in the case of crow.

"From yesterday, the white crow is on display. It has been attracting good crowd. Putting a white crow on display is a first for us," Thirumurugan said.

Since the crow is of a different colour, other birds often mistake it to be a predator. It leads to fights and the differently coloured crow loses its "natural protection" from enemies, he said.

The natural protection from enemies comes from its usual black colour, he explained.