Relax! She's got your back

A new spa in Colaba offers a variety of treatments by therapists that the management claims have been trained in Thailand. We put one of their treatments the Balinese massge to the test

The aroma of fragrant white lilies and the faint sounds of instrumental music greeted me, as soon as I stepped inside this spa inside Colaba's Dhanraj Mahal.

The Balinese massage is a sixty-minute treatment that
includes a deep-tissue massage and relexology

I was looking forward to the Balinese massage, an hour-long treatment that is a combination of a deep-tissue massage, acupressure, reflexology, gentle stretching and aromatherapy.

After I slipped into a gown, my therapist, Nhu, gave me a gentle foot massage, while my feet were placed in a warm water bath fragrant with lemon grass. As soon as I finished sipping on a honey and apple drink, I was asked to lie down on the massage table.

Nhu began the session with a shoulder and back massage, using a combination of sunflower and virgin olive oils.
I felt myself slowly relax into the session, with Nhu doing a particularly good job of easing the tension around my neck. Before I knew it, I had fallen into a light sleep, thanks to Nhu's expertise and the music playing in the background.

Also on the menu
Besides the Balinese massage, they offer the Thai massage, the aromatherapy massage, The Classic Deep Tissue sports massage, foot massages, body polishes and facials. Most treatments are an hour long and start at Rs 2,000.

Special packages include the Cherry Blossom and Lotus Escape Ritual (Rs 5,000), a 75-minute, five-stage treatment that includes being exfoliated with a rice-powder cream that boasts of cherry blossom, and a reflexology-inspired plantar modelling massage.

The Palms Spa Experience (Rs 7,500 for a two-hour session) includes a milk-and-honey hand and foot scrub, a yoghurt, honey and pomegranate body mask, a full-body Balinese massage and a raspberry and rhubarb facial.

Post massage, I headed for a steam the warmth was more than welcome. A shower and chamomile tea later, I walked out feeling refreshed. Though, I must admit, it did take a Herculean effort to drag myself to work.
AT The Palms Spa, Dhanraj Mahal, Colaba, oppsite The Yacht Club.
CALL 66349898/ 9922
FOR Rs 3,300 (for the Balinese massage)

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