Meeting-Meeting game
They are calling it the meeting-meeting game in the Indian Capital. The PM, Narendra Modi, is busy wooing industrialists in Britain to invest in India. His cabinet colleagues are busy meeting dissidents to soothe fraying tempers post the Bihar debacle. Who is the latest dissident on prowl? Yashwant Sinha, who recently met both LK Advani and Murali Manohar Joshi. And who is the man following the dissidents? FM Arun Jaitley, who rushed to meet both Advani and Joshi immediately after Sinha left.

Modi stay, Amit go
A significant chunk of BJP, post the Bihar crisis, is sanguine that Amit Shah must resign as party president. Shah will have a chance to renew his claim to the hot seat in December-January. The reasons are clear. The man in the hot seat will be in power till 2019, when the nation will go for Parliamentary polls. Shah, it is clear, cannot be the unanimous choice. So who will it be? Someone who was named president but eventually had to step down following false charges of financial irregularity? His support, many claim, is growing rapidly.

Jaitley’s eye on NSE
What is wrong with the National Stock Exchange that FM Arun Jaitley was prompted to send a team of MPs to probe charges of market manipulation and insider trading. Worse, the MPs found serious charges of high-frequency trading in exchange. The MPs were told that some of the shareholders of NSE were keen to offload their stakes and such was the reputation of the exchange that it could not fix itself an IPO. Jaitley, expectedly, is extremely worried.

Everyone wants Kishore
Ever since he helped Nitish Kumar’s JD(U)-led Grand Alliance win a landslide poll in Bihar, everyone wants to meet strategist Prashant Kishore. He has an appointment with Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee wants him for the 2016 elections. But Kishore met two people recently, setting alarm bells in the BJP. They were Arun Shourie and LK Advani. Is there a Ghar Vapsi on the cards?.

Last Word
Once he was a star of Trinamool Congress, the party's biggest fund raiser. But later, Dinesh Trivedi lost his prominence after he was sacked as the Railway Minister for hiking fares. But it seems Trivedi has crawled back to Didi's proximity. At a recent meeting in Goa, he even regaled the crowd about the way Didi maintains all religious duties, the most important among them being fasting on Friday.