Review: Jo Hum Chahein

Dec 17, 2011, 06:45 IST | Shubha Shetty-Saha

Jo Hum Chahein
Director: Pawan Gill
Cast: Sunny Gill, Simran Mundi, Alyy Khan, Achint Kaur
Genre: Romance
Stars: *1/2 (one and half)

With a stunning looking debut pair (Sunny Gill and Simran Mundi), and high production values, this one's a pretty film. But that's about it, more or less.

Rohan (Gill) is looking at making quick bucks, so soon after his MBA he opts to become a stockbroker, while his idealist dad wants him to join the Armed Forces. Rohan is super confident to the point of cockiness and he is waylaid by a superior (Alyy Khan) and a rich client (Achint Kaur). Running parallel to this is his love story with Neha (Simran Mundi), who breaks up with him when he gets too entangled in his professional commitments.

What could have been an interesting premise (though seems heavily borrowed from Hollywood film, Wallstreet), ends up being a below average caper, thanks to the lack of deftness in Pawan Gill's direction. Even while the movie is moving at a snail's pace, the actors for some reason seem to be in a race to finish their dialogues.

Gill puts in a good effort and might be promising with a better director; Simran is nothing beyond being pretty. Most dialogues and some lyrics of the film presumably in an attempt to be clever, end up being plain silly. Just to give you two shining examples, right in the middle of an intense scene, Neha tells her boyfriend, 'Hum dono ek doosre ke fireworks hai Rohan', And the lyrics that actually goes, 'Peepdi bajaaye dil, dham dham jaye speaker hil...'

To its credit, one or two scenes in the film, especially in the second half, do manage to get you involved (largely thanks to Achint Kaur's performance) and at some point you feel concerned about Rohan's fate, who is endearing in his own awkward way.

If you are an incurable romantic, it won't hurt you to watch this one once. It would be like going on a date with a beautiful but not so bright girl, just for the heck of it.

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