Melbourne: A team of researchers has developed a revolutionary new app to capture accurate global cause of death data on tablets and mobile phones at a time when two in three deaths - 35 million each year - are unregistered worldwide, including in India.

 Revolutionary application to record causes of death globally

Around 180 countries that are home to 80 percent of the world's population do not collect reliable cause of death statistics."Without the accurate cause of death information, we cannot monitor disease and injury trends, we can't keep track of emerging health problems and we don't have any markers to show us whether programs and policies are actually working," said professor Alan Lopez from University of Melbourne.

To develop the app, the research team redesigned a short 'verbal autopsy' questionnaire and tested it in India, the Philippines, Mexico and Tanzania. The app was then field-tested in China, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea. Family members of the deceased were given surveys in hand-held devices.

A computer then analysed the data to make a diagnosis, bypassing the need to rely on doctors to do this work. The method involves data collection by health workers, registrars and village officials who use the app to administer the surveys.

"The data is fed into a computer, which makes a diagnosis. It requires very minimal training. This way doctors are free to do what they do best, which is providing essential medical care to their communities," the authors noted.