Robbers spike man's drink in Andheri pub, make off with Rs 2.5 lakh

May 07, 2014, 11:08 IST | Shiva Devnath

A Haryana-based businessman who went to a pub in the city to unwind ended up unconscious on the roadside with his cash, jewellery and mobile phones robbed. A case has been registered with the Amboli police.

Frequent visitor
According to the cops, the victim Rajesh Bhatia (52) is a businessman from Haryana who often travels to the city. He arrived in Mumbai on April 28 and checked into a hotel in Andheri (West). On May 2, when he was travelling in an auto rickshaw, he asked the driver which place would be the best to “have a good time.” The driver suggested Escape.

Officers said Bhatia went to the pub, where he met a man named Nikhil, who claimed to be a Punjabi like him. He befriended Nikhil, who introduced him to another couple. “I was with them for two hours. They offered me a drink during this time, which I think was spiked,” Bhatia told the police in his statement.

Representational picture of spiked drink
Representational picture

The trio then allegedly took Bhatia to a roadside foodstall in an auto rickshaw. Minutes later, the 52-year-old lost consciousness, upon which the accused robbed him of R60,000 in cash, jewellery and two mobile ohones and fled.

The total loss has been estimated at around Rs 2.5 lakh. Bhatia told the police he was out cold on the road for over a day. He approached the cops on Sunday morning after regaining consciousness.

Prabhakar Medhe, senior police inspector at Amboli police station, said, “We have registered a case of theft against the three unidentified accused and are making inquiries. We are also scanning the pub’s CCTV footage to get leads on their identities.”

The police said Bhatia initially told them that the incident happened on May 3, but later changed the date to May 2. “Bhatia has given us descriptions of the couple as well as Nikhil. We are trying to trace the accused.

We have contacted many small-time coordinators of these pub parties, who might be able to give us leads,” added Medhe. Authorities of Escape denied that the robbery happened inside the pub and said the man was looted outside its premises.

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