Robert Downey Jr: I was tickled to get Black Widow in my team

One of the most formidable stars in Hollywood who has witnessed massive success courtesy the 'Iron Man' franchise, Robert Downey Jr, shared a few tit bits about his much awaited film 'Captain America: Civil War'.


When you first heard about doing this movie, what got you excited about it?
The 'Avengers' movies were always these colossal, ambitious things but to me 'Civil War' was the smart, sexy, Marvel idea. You don't want to see these two characters create a tear in the fabric of their relationship because you know how pervasive it can be. So it gives you a fair amount of shatter to play with. I've always liked the idea of how do you recover from that. What has to happen for there to be any sort of homeostasis by the end of a rift like that between Steve and Tony?

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr.

How was it like working with Joe and Anthony Russo for the first time?
There's nothing I don't like about them as directors. They are simpatico, so I step back and follow their lead. It's the creative dance you want to have.

What makes Evans a great Captain America?
When I go to the shopping centres now, I see 20 Captain America shirts wherever I go. It's ceased to become just about him and how well he inhabited the role. It's become part of our culture as a symbol. I have really enjoyed Chris and we work in different ways but I deeply respect the guy. I learn from working with him.

Let's talk about your team.
Team Iron Man. I was tickled to get Black Widow. Since 'Iron Man II' Natasha, aka Black Widow, has never shared an hour with Tony where one of them wasn't trying to deceive the other one. Particularly after 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' and how close she and Cap were, I just never expected it to go this way. It's perfect.

Was it weird fighting people who used to be on your side?
My mindset in playing Tony Stark is always that with anything he's doing, he's not surprised about. He thinks he's doing it for a reason, in that he's probably right. If he's not, he'll find out later but there are moments where you see that the team is definitely at odds with what they're about to do.

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