Model, actor, pianist, guitarist, composer... We bet Robert Pattinson has a neverending CV. But Robert is clear that if he wasn't an actor, he would have been a professional pianist. All excited about his upcoming Twilight release, he talks to CS about his love for music, being famous and India:

My playlist
Music and writing have been my hobbies since childhood. I have even performed in pubs and lounges, though I am not a trained singer. I like listening to Rock, Rap and Country music. My favourite artist is Van Morrison, and I especially love the song, Beside You. I also like Eminem, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys and D' Angelo. I would also like to hear AR Rahman. I know that he is a great musician, but I never really had a chance to listen to him.

Ticket to fame
I always wanted to be famous. In fact, I started modelling when I was 12. But after a point, I ran out of work. Now that I am an actor, I'm enjoying every moment of my fame. It feels great to have reached where I have. But I guess popularity comes with the responsibility of image management. Though I guess I am a little young to handle that. Having one of the most unsuccessful modelling careers, music is my backup plan if my acting fails. 

Wah Taj!
I would love to visit India, and maybe I will. I have heard a lot about the Taj Mahal -- the epitome of love. And I am really looking forward to seeing it. Also, I would like to visit Kashmir. If given a chance, I would like to try my hand at Bollywood too. But for this, I'll first have to learn Indian (Hindi).