They're known for their elaborate taste, but the Rooneys have shocked again with their big spending.
The couple have splashed out �100,000 (Rs 80 lakh) on two racehorses for Christmas.

The colts will be kept at Wayne's Manchester United teammate Michael Owen's stables in Cheshire, where his trainer Tom Dascombe will aim to turn them into winners.

"Wayne's been here and liked what he saw," said a Manor House Stables spokesman.

Horsing around: Wayne and Coleen Rooney have named one of the
horses Tomway after his dad. File pic

Wayne (26) has named one of the horses Tomway after his dad, Thomas Wayne Rooney, but it is not yet known what Coleen has called hers.

A spokesman for the couple yesterday confirmed the purchase.

Their two-year-old son Kai is also a budding horse rider and had his first lesson in September.

Owen posted a picture on Twitter and wrote, "Unbelievable interest in @Wayne Rooney new horse." Owen has almost 100 horses at the training stables.

Wayne is believed to have chosen pink and white as his racing colours.

A source said, "Wayne and Coleen are passionate about the sport and it's a hobby they enjoy together.''