Family of an Indian student from adjoining Navi Mumbai who was killed in a fire at a medical university at Smolensk, Russia, on Tuesday blamed the college administration for not doing enough to save her life.

Karishma and PoojaKarishma Bhosale (left) and Pooja Kallur

"Her friend informed us of the fire. The institute didn't inform us anything. It should have done so," brother of 22-year-old Pooja Kallur said. "It is the college's responsibility to save the students. There should have been fire extinguishers. The warden should save the students. They didn't do any such thing. They did nothing," he told reporters in Navi Mumbai.

The fire broke out on the fourth floor of the dormitory of Smolensk Medical Academy on Sunday, the Russian investigative committee had said.

Pooja Kallur, 22, and Karishma Bhosale, 20, both from Maharashtra, were killed in their sleep in the fire. A relative of Karishma Bhosale told reporters in Pune, "We have not received any details from the Indian embassy about how the mishap happened. We have also not been given details of the FIR filed in connection with the incident. We are waiting for the flight that would bring her body back to Pune."