Sad state of affairs

Lindsay PereiraBangalore was in the news for all the wrong reasons after many people from north-eastern states began fleeing the city following rumours of attacks on them. Someone using the handle Cricketwallah tweeted: ‘North-Easterners being threatened in Bangalore (or any citizen anywhere else) shames the idea of India. Cops and government must show no-nonsense resolve.’ Journalist Barkha Dutt added: ‘The Karnataka Police Chief is from Mizoram That’s our Indian diversity. We can’t let it fail with our fellow citizens from the North East.’ There was a question from Kanchan Gupta: ‘Were special trains planned but not announced, a panic situation created, all to defame Karnataka government and deflect attention from Assam?’

Party pooper
The BJP clogged timelines after reportedly being upset because it believed senior leaders were not being shown basic courtesy at government functions. Apparently, at a reception on Independence Day, LK Advani and Sushma Swaraj were made to stand in an enclosure with diplomats and other invitees, which didn’t go down well. Ramesh Srivats tweeted: ‘Dear BJP, obviously Sonia Gandhi will get a seat in Rashtrapati Bhavan. Remember, she’s a chairperson.’ Bhairavi Goswami added: ‘Dear BJP, do you have any idea how many issues need to be addressed in India? Advani not getting a good seat is inconsequential for 1.2 billion Indians.’

What was life like when you were younger? Sample these tweets that cropped up: ‘Everyone was losing their crayons instead of their virginity’ and ‘I thought being able to drive would be the coolest thing. I obviously hadn’t considered gas prices.’

The last word
From former model Arjun Rampal: ‘To all pessimistic atheists out there, remember, a dead atheist is someone all dressed up with nowhere to go.’

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