Terence Lewis, who is the face of dance reality shows on the small screen, is currently judging a show with filmmaker Sajid Khan and actress Shilpa Shetty. As Terence is the only judge on the panel who is a choreographer-dancer, Sajid has nicknamed him Google due to his knowledge of dance forms.

Sajid Khan

According to a unit source, “Whenever any of the participants come on stage and perform, Terence quickly figures what dance form it is. He has lots to add about its origin, background and popularity.”

Terence Lewis

Due to his passion for dance and knowledge of the craft, Sajid began calling him Google.

Adds a source, “Just like a person would go on the Internet on the search engine to get details about the dance form, Terence is a walking encyclopedia of information. So whenever he starts talking about a particular dance, Sajid immediately refers to him stating Mr Google is at work.”

Terence has trained in jazz, ballet and contemporary dance in New York. As dance is his passion, every bit of detail about it is equally important to him.