Salman Khan's conviction inspires jokes on social media

Verdict on Salman Khan has drawn extreme reactions from celebrities and fans but some people on social media chose to have a lighter take on the topic.

Catchy one liners from Salman's films like "Mujhpe Koi Ehsaan Na Karna..." and "Chal Mere Bhai" started trending on Twitter and WhatsApp soon after the court hearing.

The 49-year-old actor was today sentenced to five years imprisonment by a Mumbai sessions court that convicted him of culpable homicide in the 2002 hit-and-run case.

"Sanjay Dutt today would be singing the same song he sung years ago in a movie 'chal mere bhai'," a user shared. "Bhai ne bola hai #Ke Mujh pe ek Ehsaan karna ke mujh pe koi ehsaan mat karna... Judge ne serious le liya isko," another tweeted.

Even Salman's high-end lifestyle brand Being Human was not spared. "SalmanKhan will start a new brand #BeingJailed with clothing lines for jail. #SalmanVerdict #SalmanJudgementDay," a user tweeted.

Another wrote, "#SalmanVerdict #SalmanJudgementDay #SalmanKhan #SalmanCase @BeingSalmanKhan limited stocks available, buy now!!"

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