Samsung introduces new patent applications for Smartwatch

May 29, 2014, 11:57 IST | Agencies

Washington: Samsung has introduced new wearable patent applications for its Smartwatch such as circular face, gesture controls and image recognition that it filed recently for its entry into 'wearable tech'.

The patents include interesting features such as hand movements to call different applications, tap movement on the screen to communicate with remote controls for gadgets around the house; the device would also show inactivity and would be equipped with sensors for monitoring pulse.

Samsung Smartwatch

The Smartwatch has also been provided with an ornamental value and can be worn as a pendant or used as a key chain.

According to Tech Crunch, Samsung's filing of patent applications could describe its initial foray into Android Wear, which Samsung has said would support in addition to its Tizen-powered Gear devices much like the one featured in Motorola's Android Wear-powered Moto360.

A fascinating feature of the Smartwatch is its ability to identify with barcodes, images and objects.

The user only needs to point the device at an item and it would instantly provide an optical character recognition, including a translation for printed text.

However, reports suggest that this wearable patent blitz doesn't necessarily indicate a product roadmap, but it does show that Samsung is seriously ramping up its research and development efforts in this area.

The Korean company was among the first to jump for Smartwatches, and is already selling its second-generation Galaxy Gear line of hardware.

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