Save wetlands from garbage menace: NGO

Jul 10, 2016, 10:31 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Salt pans and mangroves that once beautified the stretch between Airoli Junction and Mulund, along the Eastern Express Highway, now reveal a sorry picture.

These wetlands are choked with garbage and non-degradable waste, which the sea vomits back during high tide. What’s worse is that this pollution is going unchecked, claim green activists.

Highlighting the problem, environmental NGO Vana-shakti has written letters to the BMC, environment secretary and the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, demanding immediate action.

According to activists, if the issue is not addressed at the earliest, it could have an adverse effect on the biodiversity of the salt pans. “Non-degradable waste from the creeks finds its way into the sea and beaches. It is choking salt pans and mangroves in Thane creek,” said Stalin Dayanand, director of NGO Vanashakti.

“We suggest that the BMC install nets inside the nullahs, and clean them up periodically. This will ensure that garbage does not reach the sea and our beaches and wetlands remain cleaner,” Dayanand added.

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