Like most of us, actor Sayali Bhagat doesn't believe in the supernatural, though she's intrigued by the topic. But after working in her first horror film, the actor feels that there might just be some truth in the spooky tales we hear every now and then. "I can now understand what people mean when they talk of creepy things happening on sets of horror flicks," says the pretty lady. Gearing up for the release of her latest film, Sayali talks about her tryst with the paranormal:

Who: Sayali Bhagat
What: Recounting some horror stories
Where: At a SoBo film studio

Paranormal activity
Of course, the supernatural world is a very fascinating subject. I have done things like psychic reading, healing, past life regression, hypnotherapy and all. I also once participated in a reality show that supposedly took me into my past life. As a child, I loved watching horror films and shows like Aahat. The interest was always there, though I was always wary of ghost stories.

Screen scare
I enjoy watching horror films. My favourites are Madhumati, Raaz, Exorcism of Emily Rose, Exorcist and The Orphanage. The American horror films are my favourites. In Japanese horror, I liked The Grudge. But one of the scariest films I have ever seen is The Orphanage, which is a Spanish film. Even though you have to read the sub-titles to understand what's happening, the film's eerie sets give you the creeps. 

People who work on horror films often have stories to share about abnormal things happening around them. Even while working on this film, I used to see the light-men roaming around in groups and not venturing out on their own too much. I feel that when you work on subjects that relate to the supernatural, you might just attract such forces around you. I guess it's the simple law of attraction. We would shoot throughout the night, but something untoward would happen at 3am, day after day. Either the lights in a certain room would go off on their own or something would suddenly fall. Even my senses were on the overdrive while shooting.

Darna mana hai
Working on this film was a challenging experience for me. I hope to get more of such roles in the future. Horror as a genre isn't really explored in India. It takes a lot of work to make a spooky film, especially where the technicalities are concerned. But horror films have great repeat value. You can watch them time and again without getting bored!