SBI staff accused of cleaning out Rs 5.3 lakh from customer's account

A senior Neurosurgeon of NIMHANS has filed a complaint against SBI staff alleging misuse of his credit card and withdrawal Rs 5.3 lakh from his account. Dr Sampath V, heading Neurosurgery department, has an account at SBI branch on NIMHANS campus. He had applied for a credit card in February this year, which was rejected.
However, after a month Dr Sampath again approached the bank, for which the bank manager introduce a staff member identified as Sameer Kadam, who agreed to help him get the card.

The staff obtained account details of Dr Sampath and promised to get the card within 21 days. When the neurosurgeon did not get any update on his credit card even after a month, he approached the manager who blatantly refused that he had any information.

"The manager even refused the fact that he introduced me to Kadam, who had taken my details," Dr Sampath stated in his complaint. With no apparent respite in sight, he  approached the grievance cell of the credit card section. After checking all details, the credit card section revealed that Dr Sampath's card was sanctioned and dispatched to a fake address.

The credit card department also found that Dr Sampath's residential documents, submitted at the time of applying for the card, has been tampered with. Dr Sampath got the shock of his life when he learnt that someone using his credit card has withdrawn Rs 5.3 lakh from a fixed deposit.

 "I suspect the involvement of bank staff in the scam, which needs to be probed in detail," Sampath said.
The Siddapura police have registered a case under banking fraud. "We have sought details of Dr Sampath's account and the records submitted to avail the credit card to further our investigations," said a police officer.

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