School kids roped in to spread awareness

Jan 12, 2012, 08:10 IST | Saurabh Katkurwar

In its bid to spread awareness about the importance of road safety among school children, starting tomorrow, the Deputy Regional Transport Office in Navi Mumbai has decided to distribute pamphlets containing road safety measures across local school. Besides, students will be asked to discuss road safety issues with their family members, and seek their suggestions, comments on the same. To ensure that kids discuss safety measures with their respective families, they will be asked to return the pamphlets with signatures of their family members. 

Regional Transport Office,Navi Mumbai,School kids

 Confirming the same, Sandesh Chavan, assistant regional transport officer, Navi Mumbai RTO, said, "As a part of the ongoing Road Safety campaign, we have decided to distribute around 5,000 pamphlets regarding road safety issues across schools in Navi Mumbai. Simultaneously, we will be holding seminars to elaborate on the importance of road safety measures, such as wearing helmet, seatbelt, refraining from answering calls while driving, don't drink and drive, etc. Moreover, we will be asking students to take these pamphlets home and discuss the issue with their family members. Since students are always curious to know more, we are sure that they will discuss road safety issue with their respective families."

Apart from getting the leaflets signed, students will be asked to share their opinions, and give suggestions for betterment of road safety measures.

"Once signed, school authorities would be handing over the pamphlets to us. And based on the suggestions we receive, steps will be taken in the direction of strengthening the Road Safety campaign," said Chavan.

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