A couple in their late fifties committed suicide in Borivli, citing financial problems. Their son found them hanging when he arrived from work on Thursday evening. The police have found a suicide note.

The couple's son Mihir returned from work and found the bodies
The couple's son Mihir returned from work and found the bodies

The couple has been identified as Ashok Shah (58) and wife Ela (56), residents of Saidham society, Sodawala lane in Borivli west. They have a son and daughter who are married. Their son Mihir, who stays with them, is a child specialist. His wife was out of town at the time of the incident. The Shahs' daughter resides in Dombivli. Shah had a steel parts factory in Bhayandar.

Police says
Senior Police Inspector Gunaji Sawant of Borivli police station said, "We found a suicide note in the house which said that the couple were committing suicide due to financial problems." DCP Vikram Deshmane said, "We have registered an Accidental Death Report in the matter and are taking statements to ascertain the exact reason behind the suicide."

The building where the Shahs stayed. Pics/Nimesh Dave
The building where the Shahs stayed. Pics/Nimesh Dave

According to police officials, the four-line suicide note written in Gujarati, said, 'I am in my complete senses and want to tell you that we are committing suicide over financial issues. We are not committing suicide under pressure from anyone, no one should be held responsible for this."

Another police official said that the couple had some problems in the family, which will also be investigated. Police said the suicide note was written by Ela. She has signed it and Ashok has signed below, while the date written is May 5.

The police officials said that the family is very well to do and committing suicide due to financial crisis is a bit strange. Mihir told cops that on Thursday morning everything was fine. After lunch his father discussed some financial crisis to which Mihir said they would discuss the issue with his uncle. The cops will verify his claims.

Police said Mihir left for work at 5 pm and returned home at 10 pm. The door was locked from inside and the lights were off. He thought that his parents had gone down for a walk.

He opened the house with his keys. He switched on the lights and was shocked to find his parents hanging from a ceiling hook. He called his friends and local police. The Shahs were taken to Shatabdi hospital but declared dead before admission. The post mortem was completed in Bhagwati hospital Friday morning and the bodies were handed to family members.

A neighbour said, "The couple were very helpful by nature. There were some family clashes, but it is shocking that they committed suicide. They had achieved everything in life. It is strange that they committed suicide due to financial crisis despite their background."