Shah Rukh Khan wages war

Shah Rukh Khan is one hot headed Khan. With the SRK-Shirish Kunder war going viral, CS lists out some other fights that the Baadshah has picked  in the past: 

>> One of the biggest fights in the industry by far was the Shah Rukh-Salman fallout at Katrina's birthday party in 2008. The two could have got violent had Gauri Khan not intervened. The fight was a result of SRK refusing a guest appearance in Mr and Mrs Khanna. Since then, the  two avoid talking about each other in public and even avoid going to the same social dos.  

>> More than 15 years ago, Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh had a tiff over Yash Chopra's psychological thriller Darr. Initially, Sunny was the lead hero while Shah Rukh was to play a villain. As the film progressed, Yash Chopra was so impressed with Shah Rukh that he ended up becoming the hero while Sunny's presence seemed like a cameo.

>> Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was supposed to be the lead in Chalte Chalte, but when her ex-beau Salman started coming to the sets drunk, stalling the shooting, SRK immediately dropped Ash from the lead. The two haven't acted together since.

>> One of the thickest bonds in Bollywood, that of SRK and Farah Khan eventually turned sour over Tees Maar Khan. Farah was keen on casting Shah Rukh, but because he could not find time and Farah was unwilling to wait, she decided to cast Akshay in the film. Later Farah went to SRK to make him aware of her interest in remaking 'Satte Pe Satta' which failed to interest SRK. 

>> The Aamir Khan-SRK rivalry is still one of the hottest topics. In 2009, Aamir had created a stir by blogging that his dog named Shahrukh licked his feet. SRK wanted to give him a fitting reply but was held back by Gauri. The two hardly talk now.


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