Shahbaaz Khan joins 'Neeli Chatri Waale'

Actor Shahbaaz Khan, best known for portraying negative characters in films and TV, will have an image makeover with popular show 'Neeli Chatri Waale'. He will be seen playing a former dacoit, and will don the look of a 'Sabji Wala' with a simple dhoti and kurta.

Shahbaaz Khan
Shahbaaz Khan

"I'm always on the lookout for challenging roles. 'Neeli Chatri Waale' is a light-hearted show and I'm playing the role of a former dacoit Mahadev, who has left the crime scene for good and has been allotted a quarter and a vegetable cart for making a living," Shahbaaz said in a statement.

"Viewers have always liked me as a villain and hope I will be able to do full justice to this character as playing the role of a 'Sabji Wala' is a first for me," he added.

'Neeli Chatri Waale', which is aired on Zee TV, has crossed a run of 100 episodes. It deals with the story of a comman man's relationship with god.

The conversations between its lead protagonist Bhagwan Das (Rajesh Kumar), a common man and a modern-day Lord Shiva (Himanshu Soni) wielding the blue umbrella bring a smile to the viewers’ faces.



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