Shaina spotting

Oct 16, 2014, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

'It's a bird, it's a plane, wait it's Shaina NC!' This could well have been the anthem that greeted the impassioned BJP leader, as various bystanders reported sightings of her from all over Mumbai yesterday, urging Mumbaikars to exercise their franchise.

"We saw her in Colaba," said one onlooker. "She was in Bandra," said another, and the last, "We bumped in to her in Sewri!"

When we managed to catch up with the indefatigable BJP leader, she quoted her father, Nana Chudasama’s famous banner, which made such an ardent plea to Mumbaikars to vote, every time the elections came around.

Shaina NC
Shaina NC

"The Greek dictionary meaning of IDIOT. A man who does not vote," she said, adding, "If you don’t vote, don’t complain. It’s been a day of excitement and we will only get voter turnout figures in an hour."

Farah on form
We spoke to ace director, Farah Khan whose soon to be released Happy New Year is easily one of the most talked about and awaited Bollywood movies recently.

Happy New Year team
Happy New Year team

"It’s been non stop and 24X7," she said about the promotions of the film, which when you consider that it involved an international tour with SRK, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shah and Yo Yo Honey Singh, and the ace director herself, along with a reality dance programme on TV, and all manner of engagement on social network channels, is huge. "We are all getting by on a few hours of sleep these days," she said, "Hardly getting time to eat, or to spend time with our families, but our shared passion for the craft has kept us going!"

You must have lost tons of weight, we asked, a bit enviously. "I’ve lost 5 kgs," said Farah, sounding pleased. Bollywood directors have all the luck. Not only do they get to make groovy films with hunky stars, but they also get to lose weight in the run up to release. That’s what’s called a double Diwali dhamaka, Farah Khan style.

Free spirit savoir faire
She’s pushed the envelope on so many matters, such as the choice of her career and spouse, which is why admirers of this feisty heiress are not surprised that she’s got up close and personal with her very personable personal trainer. "She’s always been a bit of a free spirit, and never been cowed down by societal hypocrisies," they say, "And what’s best of all is that her loved ones appear to understand and support her latest choice." Finally, a bit of much-needed savoir faire in the city.

Putting Mumbai first
"I just met him randomly at my booth after we both had voted," it was our dear friend, Milind Deora, commenting about the picture he’d tweeted of himself and Deepak Parekh after they’d got themselves inked yesterday. "In fact, I usually end up meeting him at the booth on voting day. Today was no different," he said.

Deepak Parekh with Milind Deora
Deepak Parekh with Milind Deora

And what was the Congress leader’s take on yesterday’s polls? After all, not only was he known to have been an exceptional parliamentarian, but was also instrumental in championing the RTI Bill, which has empowered the country.

"I really see voting as a duty, not a right. I hope Maharashtra gets the government it deserves - one which will give Mumbai due attention," says the man, who led a campaign for a directly elected New York style mayor for Mumbai.

Hrithik, Hot and Cool
Can there be any thing hotter (or cooler) than Hrithik Bang Bang Roshan on the cover of the anniversary issue of Noblesse?

Hrithik Roshan on the cover of Noblesse magazine. Pic/Noblesse
Hrithik Roshan on the cover of Noblesse magazine. Pic/Noblesse

The star whose made women go weak in the knees ever since his first appearance on screen, wears an open-necked shirt, a spangled jacket and a tie set off by just the right degree of insouciance this side of Elvis Presley. We like.

A tasteful remembrance
He was instrumental in making RNA Corp one of India’s leading property development companies, and his untimely death recently left a void in not only the hearts of his family and friends, but in the real estate universe as well, where he was a popular figure.

Which is why, when guests received the invitation card for the imminent marriage of Gokul, son of the late Anil Aggarwal, to Shloka Chabria to be held in Paris, there was genuine admiration. "It is easily one of the most beautiful and lavish wedding invitations that we’ve seen in a long time," said an invitee, "From the design to the colours to the printing and with specially-crafted Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Miss Dior gifts for the men and women invitees, it is certainly one of the most luxurious," she says.

"However for all its opulence, the thing that has impressed everyone the most is the very moving and emotional letter, penned in the words of the groom’s late father, Anil Aggarwal, that sets the mood and tone of the happy occasion. Written as if he was overseeing the festivities from up there in the sky, it proves that, even amidst all the pomp and ceremony and luxury, the human factor and love and respect for one’s family is always what’s appreciated the most."

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