He began the New Year with a bang by enthralling his fans with some superhit numbers at a concert held recently. And that's one things he wants to keep doing through the year. Shankar Mahadevan tells CS what his to-do list for the year looks like:

Loose weight: Like everyone else, I too plan to loose weight. However, I can't tell you what my target is. If I do achieve it, it'll be there for all to see.

Get involved with kids: I'm planning to either teach music to kids or take up an initiative to rectify certain things that need correction in schools near my farmhouse in Karjat.

Take holidays: This year, I've decided that come what may, I'm going to take a minimum of three holidays.

Spend time with Shivam: On my priority list is spending some time with my younger son, Shivam. My work hasn't given me the freedom to spend some quality time with him and I want to change that.

Start riyaaz: I want to start my riyaaz as I don't devote enough time to it.